How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

-Adapted from Optimum Health University
Submitted by: Dr. Jesus Bernal, B.S., D.C., CCSP ®️

For most of us, our ability to stick with New Year’s resolutions starts out strong… and ends up weak.
In the beginning of the year people flock to the healthy foods aisles, the gyms, and the local exercise areas at the parks.
But as the year progresses, many fall off the wagon. Most often because they lacked the knowledge you are about to obtain in this article. Read on…

There are proven ways to stay true to your resolutions past January.

Following you will find tips and tricks to help you stay strong and get those New Year’s resolutions to stick.

Select Goals with Care

• Give each of your goals a priority.
Focus only on one or two goals that top the list. Choose only realistic goals — ones you know you can actually complete.

Everything is possible, keep in mind that if you reach your small goals early or easily, you can always set new ones. Also, your motivation and drive will be at their peak. Whereas if you set goals that are too tough, you may get too discouraged and not start again till January 2019! ….. Ouch.

For example, instead of saying, “I will lose 30 lbs. by January 31st “, try saying “I will pack a healthy, tasty lunch 3 days out of the week and eat take-out or fast food only once or twice per week as opposed to daily.”

Frame Goals with Care

• Frame goals around conditions over which you have as much control as possible.
• Choose goals based on personal achievement or acquiring skills and knowledge.
For example, instead of saying, “I will win this year’s ‘Tour De Tucson’” You can say, “I will exercise 2 days out of the week and once a week train on a bicycle to be able to compete in the ‘Tour De Tucson’”, Even if you do not win the race and even if you miss a few days of exercise and training you will certainly be able to compete in, and finish the race.

Begin with Baby Steps

• Break down goals into small, measurable mini-steps.

For example, many people are trying to sell their home right now and instead of a big, vague goal like, “I will clean and fix-up the exterior of our house, so it sells faster” Try saying, “I will pick a color for the outside of the house and do landscaping in the front yard every other weekend.”

Write Down the Game Plan

• Write down the exact steps needed to achieve your goal — along with completion dates.

For example, Pick an exterior paint color.
a. By Tuesday: Drive through neighborhood looking at colors of houses.
b. By Thursday: Get paint samples at hardware store.
c. By Sunday: Sit down with Bill and narrow list of paint colors to five.
d. By Monday: Select final color.

Keep Up Momentum

• Review your to-do list of mini-steps daily.
• Incorporate the review into your morning routine.
• Check off what you’ve completed.

Be Positive

A positive mindset is key to goal success

• Successful positive thinkers don’t let small defeats bring them down.

For example, self-talk can be helpful or harmful. The best part about it is that YOU control it. Instead of thinking, “I missed my work-out this week, I failed” try thinking, “I made it to ALL my work-outs except for one, next week I’ll won’t miss any!”

Find a Coach

• Consider finding someone to work with you toward your goals.
• Have him or her hold you accountable for action steps.
• For example: professional life coach, personal trainer, financial planner.
• Keep Quiet Around Naysayers
• Carefully choose who you share your goals with.
• Form a supportive network with friends and family who believe in you.
Those with negative outlooks can sabotage your efforts.
Regardless of what some people say, set goals often and review your progress periodically. Best wishes for the best year ever during 2018!

Dr. Bernal is a board-certified Chiropractic Physician. He has his certification in Physio-Therapy (PT), Acupuncture, and post graduate education in spinal trauma and whiplash treatment. He is also experienced in Chiropractic Pediatrics, and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®️. He practices in Tucson and can be reached at (520) 624-6552 and (520) 377-BACK.