About us

Hola Tucson Magazine

We have been more than 5 years here in Tucson, so you can trust on us, and we, not only publish your ad on our magazine, but we post your ad on our Facebook page so the more than 9,000 Local friends that check your ad and the product or service that you offer, that is what makes us a very good option to advertise.

Our concept is a free Monthly bilingual magazine formed by enthusiastic people who are interested in providing the Latino community a new and different source of information of all events happening in our city and surroundings. As you may be aware Arizona’s Hispanics made up just over 30 percent of the overall Tucson population and by 2035 will be the state majority. Despite the recession U.S Latinos households that earn $50000 or more are growing faster than non-Latinos Households. I ask for the opportunity to meet with you for a brief moment so I can show you how affordable and efficient is to advertise in our magazine. My commitment to you, is not only to publish an ad but to offer you a concept that works. As a company we have many years of experience as an advertising agency with the Hispanic market and I strongly believe is not about spending a lot, instead is how and where you spend it. As you know you need to advertise because you need to reach out to new customer. You need to advertise because you need to maintain your relationship with your current clients. Our magazine is reaching an average of 60000 readers monthly. HOLA TUCSON Magazine is available on the North, Central and South areas of the city. You can find our publication at Walmart’s, Food City’s, Safeway’s, and many local restaurants and hotels throughout Tucson.